Colorbond roofing is by far our most popular roofing product. And for a good reason. A Colorbond roof has so many advantages over other types of roofing that it’s hard to cover them all in a single blog post! Put simply, a colorbond roof looks good, is durable, versatile and will increase the value of your home. This incredible product has been specifically made for Australian conditions, so you can be confident it will stand up to even the toughest of weather conditions. Keep reading to discover more about the incredible world of Colorbond.

A Colorbond Roof Will Last

Did you know that nearly half of all new homes in Australia have roofs made from Colorbond Steel? Also, according to BlueScope Steel, more than 9 out of 10 of these new homes will feature a Colorbond product such as fences, gutters, fascia, water tanks, sheds and carports. These are incredible figures, reflecting the enduring popularity and flexibility of Colorbond products.

Australians know how harsh and unpredictable our climate can be. We are subjected to extremes of heat, cold, rain and dust, so it is imperative that our buildings are constructed from materials designed to stand up to the elements. Not convinced? Consider these benefits:

  • Colorbond’s ACTIVATE technology helps make your home more energy efficient, reflecting more of the sun’s rays on hot days.
  • Choose your roof colour from 22 colours to compliment your home & surrounding structures.
  • Colorbond makes gutters, fascia, downpipes and fencing so you can mix and match colours.
  • Can be used on commercial buildings ( for example, Adelaide’s Velodrome and Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne).
  • A Colorbond roof won’t chip, peel, crack or corrode.
  • Colorbond products are non-combustible and termite resistant.
  • Incredibly, Colorbond is made from 100% recycled materials.

Colorbond Roofing in Barwon Heads

If you are considering investing in a Colorbond Roof, you want to ensure you receive the real deal. Imitation products are inferior and will not come close to the stands of genuine BlueScope Steel. Find out how to identify genuine Colorbond products here or contact a reputable roofing company to install your new Colorbond roof.

If you are looking to install a Colorbond roof in Barwon Heads, look no further than K2 Roof Plumbing. We have over 20 years of roofing experience and can take care of all your roofing requirements including gutters, fascias and downpipes. Contact our roofing experts to arrange a free measure and quote.